How it works

Download the APP

Scan to unlock

Ride and enjoy

Park responsibly
and pop into the shop

Unlock and
continue riding

Park responsibly
and end ride


Minimum riding age: 18 years

Follow local helmet laws

Park responsibly

Do not block public right of
way or park on private territory

Always check the scooter
before riding

Use electric and foot brake
to slow down or stop

Follow local traffic regulations

Be careful of obstructions on the road

Do not ride in poor weather conditions


Do I need to wear a helmet?

FLOX always recommends riders to wear a helmet for their own safety. However, in Slovenia, persons aged 18 years or older are not obligated to wear a helmet.

Where can I ride my FLOX?

You may ride your FLOX only on pavements, cycling lanes, paths for pedestrians and traffic calming zones.

Are there any speed restrictions?

Speed restrictions apply depending on where you ride your FLOX:

Cycle lanes - 25km/hour;
Pavements & footpaths - 5km/hour; and
Traffic calming zones - 5km/hour.

How much does it cost to ride a FLOX?

Riders pay a small fixed charge for unlocking the FLOX plus an ongoing charge for each minute of rental. All rental periods are rounded up to the next minute.

Ljubljana- €0,80 to unlock and €0,12 per minute. The cost for renting a FLOX for the maximum 24 hour period is capped at €100.

Please carefully read our User Agreement for information on other potential costs and charges.

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