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Becoming a FLOX Charger
Why become a FLOX Charger?

The FLOX community has its values embedded in the principles of sharing and unity. As a member of the FLOX community you not only benefits from the convenience of clean urban e-mobility, but you can also benefit financially by contributing towards caring for our beloved FLOXES.

Who can become a FLOX Charger?

There are a few fundamental requirements for your application to be successful. There are as follows:

You must be at least 18 years old;
You must have the legal right to carry out paid activities in the applied country;
You must have access to adequate electrical plug sockets in an indoor and secure location; and
You must have a bank account in the applied country;

Additional details are provided during the application process and are dependent on your home city.

Application process

To join the FLOX Charger community, complete the online application form above. You will need to provide your mobile phone number and email address; it is imperative that these are identical to those which are registered to your FLOX account (if already set up). Please also indicate the city in which you wish to charge FLOXES.

You will subsequently receive an email with a unique link to your online induction and tutorial material. The information contained in this tutorial should answer all your questions and provide you with a detailed explanation of the role, responsibilities and rewards of being a FLOX Charger.

Having completed your tutorial, you will need to provide some basic personal information in order to set up your Charger account.

Once your completed application has been processed and approved, you will receive an electronic contract for signing. The contract will be between yourself and the respective legal entity operating in your city.

Upon receipt of the signed contract, you will receive FLOX charger units and your Charger account will be activated. You are now ready to charge FLOXES and earn some money!

Do I use the same FLOX app?

Absolutely. Once your Charger account has been activated, you will be able to toggle between "RIDER" mode and "CHARGER" mode in the FLOX app - in your menu screen. When in "CHARGER" mode, the app will allow you to collect and return FLOXES as well as show you your Earnings statistics.

Can't switch between "RIDER" and "CHARGER" mode? Please allow the system a few hours to update your account. If the problem persists, please contact us or submit an enquiry via in the in-app help menu.

Charging FLOXES
Can I charge FLOXES in any city?

Unfortuantely not. Your Charger account is valid only in your home city. However, this will not affect your ability to ride scooters in "RIDER" mode in any city where there is a FLOX presence.

How many FLOXES can I charge per day?

That really depends on you. Chargers with access to a motorvehicle are able to take several FLOXES home at a time.

Chargers who regularly return FLOXES at the desginated parking spots on time and with a fully charged battery (90% or more) will be able to apply for more charging units. The more you charge, the more you earn.

Must I own a motorvehicle to be a Charger?

Obsolutely not. Owning a motorvehicle is of course a bonus as it means that you can collect more FLOXES and therefore earn more money. However, Chargers without motorvehicles can ride their FLOXES home free of charge in order to charge them overnight and return them to the designated parking spot the following morning.

Can I collect or return a FLOX at any time?

You can collect a FLOX at any time if its remaining battery is 25% or less. FLOXES with battery power between 25% and 85% can be collected after 20:00. FLOXES with 85% or more remaining battery power cannot be collection. In “CHARGER” mode, the FLOX app will only show you those FLOXES, which can be collected.

FLOXES should be returned to designated parking spots by 07:00 the following morning in order to maximise your earnings. Designated parking spots are shown in the FLOX app.

Further information regarding collecting and returning FLOXES is provided during the application process as they are dependent on your home city.

How do I get paid for charging FLOXES?

As a Charger, you earn money by collecting FLOXES, charging their batteries and returning them to designated parking locations by 07:00 the following morning. The amount you earn is dependent on several factors, including the FLOX's battery state, the location of the FLOX and time of day. Payout rates are dependent on the city in which you charge. Further information regarding the payout rates are provided after you apply in your chosen city.

How can I see how much I have earned?

When in "CHARGER" mode, you can see the maximum possible earnings for each FLOX eligible for collection. The maximum possible earnings is dependent on returning the FLOX with a full battery (90% or more) by 07:00 at designated parking locations.

At the time of return, the app will confirm the amount of earnings secured for charging the FLOX. To view your total earnings, go to "EARNINGS" in the app menu. This shows a daily, monthly and lifetime summary of your Charger Earnings.

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